Busy mum vs frugal mum | 4 ways you can save money when you have costly kids

Being a mum is a role that is full of compromises and finding quicker ways to do things. Sometimes it’s easier to grab the first items you see rather than browsing in the supermarket aisles because your toddler has a tantrum brewing. Or maybe you’re too harassed to go through the process of finding cheaper kids’ clothes when they’re demanding lunch over your shoulder. Sometimes it’s easier to get the job done as quickly as possible, even if it does end up costing you more.

Carrying on in this way will only lead you into a financial quandary, and as children are notoriously expensive, it makes sense to revaluate your busy mum/frugal mum balance and find a way you can be both. Read on for 4 ways you can save money when you have costly kids!

Switch to a combi boiler

We’re all familiar with switching our utility suppliers for a cheaper rate, but what about switching your boiler? Traditional system boilers are made of two tanks, one for both the heating system and the hot water in your home. These bulky tanks take up room and don’t provide the energy efficiency you need to keep running costs low. Switching to a combi boiler from iheat.co.uk means you no longer need two tanks – freeing up valuable space in your home. As a new combi boiler is considered to be around 90% efficient, replacing your boiler could save you hundreds of pounds a year. 

Invest in a pair of clippers

If you have little boys at home, then you’ll know that their hair grows at a rapid rate, and paying out £10 a time for each child every couple of months is part of your routine. But it doesn’t have to be! By investing in a pair of clippers and learning how to use them correctly, you can trim your children’s hair at home without paying for a professional. Check out some YouTube tutorials to get started.

Do your weekly shop – alone!

This kind of alone time is something most moms can only dream of! But not only is it good for you to have some time to yourself but shopping alone means you have more time to browse for the right deals and you won’t be guilt-tripped or pressured into buying sweets, toys and those high-end branded products that taste just the same as the own-brand version! Ask a friend or family member to watch the kids whilst you shop – or online shop while they’re asleep!

And finally, put a lid on snacks

Prepping meals and planning a weekly menu are simple and effective ways to save money on your food bill. But, what about snacks? Kids love a snack in the morning, the afternoon, and every moment in between, making snacks an expensive drain on your budget! Consider buying snacks like biscuits or crackers in advance and then portioning them into small containers for your child to munch through during the day. It’ll help keep your budget low and their sugar intake, sensible! 



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