The ultimate Christmas preparation list

The run up to Christmas can seem stressful. However, by creating a checklist of things to sort, you can make it seem much more achievable and less stressful. Below, we explore the ultimate Christmas preparation list.


Christmas should be a fun, relaxing occasion – not a period where you stretch your finances to the max. Begin your preparations by working out what you can comfortably afford to spend on Christmas. 

Gift list

The next step is to come up with a gift list. Work out who you need to buy gifts for, before then considering what to get each person. It’s much more relaxing to sort this in advance and go out and get the gifts. 


Decorations can really help you get in the festive spirit. Preparing your decorations begins with your Christmas tree: do you go for a plastic replica, or a real tree? Either way, once that’s sorted you should prepare how to decorate the tree as well as your hallway. 


Christmas cards are a wonderful festive tradition. Work out a list of friends and family you’d like to send cards to, before gathering a set of jolly cards. From there you can send out some wonderful personal greetings.

Buy and wrap presents

Once you’ve identified your gift list you need to go out and buy the presents. These days, you can get a lot of your present shopping done online. But you can also visit Christmas markets and the high street to search for any unique or unexpected gifts. Make sure to buy your Christmas wrapping paper too. The best way to make a gift feel special on the day is for it to be decoratively wrapped!


Food is key to Christmas. To organise your food, begin by working out how many people will be eating on the day. After that, you can work out whether to buy a turkey or a vegetarian alternative for the lunch. You’ll also want plenty of snacks during the day, so make sure you stock up well to ensure everyone’s well fed. 

Get ready for the big day

Once you have all this sorted, there are still a few things to do to get ready for the big day. You’ll need to thoroughly clean the house before entertaining people, plus you’ll need to prepare some of the food the day before. Ideally though, at this point most of the preparation should be complete!

Sit back and enjoy

Preparing for Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful. By starting your preparations early and by thoroughly working your way through a checklist, you should be all set to have the relaxing festive season that you deserve!


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