Too Many Clothes, Not Enough Space? Here’s How to Revolutionise Your Bedroom Storage

The UK is fashion mad, seems to be obtaining clothes and outfits at a faster pace than ever before; the online fashion market is projected to increase by nearly 5% by next year. The thing is all those clothes need to go somewhere – and not many of us have walk-in wardrobes handy. So, what can we do to revolutionise our bedrooms, and make room for our clothes?

What to Hang, What to Fold

Your first step should be to completely re-organise the clothes you have. Chances are you’re storing them inefficiently and can create more room simply by knowing what to hang up, and what to fold away. Softer, thinner and more delicate materials should be hung up on a rail or in your wardrobe – dress shirts, blouses, silk, cotton and linen. Meanwhile, chunkier materials like woollen knitwear, and harder wearing materials like denim, should be folded away in larger drawers. Doing this frees up rail space for coats and larger jackets, as well as collects your clothes by type.

Creating Room in Your Chest of Drawers

You might be thinking that folding jumpers is not the most economical way to store them – and if you still have room to hang them up, by all means go ahead. However, there are ways in which you can organise your chest of drawers to maximise the space and compartmentalise your clothing. For starters, you can roll up your t-shirts into cylindrical shapes, and stack them either vertically or horizontally depending on the depth of your drawer. You can also utilise drawer dividers, to separate socks from boxers or delicate, enabling you to utilise once drawer for many types of underwear.

Making Outfits Accessible

Another way to maximise your rails could be to hang your most often worn outfits together. This way, they are easy to access without turning your wardrobe or drawers inside out. Tangentially, there is a trick you can do to thin out your wardrobe if things are getting a little cramped. Turn everything on your wardrobe rail around so the coat hanger is hooked from the back. The items of clothing that are hooked from the front after 2 months are clothes you have worn at least once, and the ones still hooked from the back could be contenders for re-sale.

Investing in Bedroom Furniture

Even if space is tight, there are furniture solutions that can make the most of your bedroom’s available space. You can get a fitted wardrobe to go in an awkward corner or unused space, flush with the walls to keep a sense of space in your room. Fitted wardrobes can keep your room clutter free, and you can customise them to your exact storage needs.

Alternative Storage Solutions

If a fitted wardrobe is a little out of your price range, there are some unique alternatives you can try. For example, you could install a curtain rail on bare, unused wall, in order to create an “open” wardrobe with additional rack space. You could also make use of wicker baskets to hold smaller items of clothing and stash them under your bed for ease of access. The possibilities are endless!


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