Why your London startup could benefit from a team building day

Team building days are essential for any business, but a startup could benefit from this more than most. These days are designed for staff to create a bond with one another, promoting a positive work environment and improving productivity. 

As a startup, there is no better investment to get your business up and running in the best way possible. Below, we look at why your London startup could benefit from a team-building day.

Improve Communication

Many team-building days include puzzles, which can improve communication within your team in a fun and immersive way. Doing an exercise like this can break down any barriers for new team members who are perhaps a bit shy. 

For a team-building day like no other, check out Tomb Raider: The Live Experience, located in Camden. Here your employees can test their skills and become the next Lara Croft, taking part in puzzles, collecting awesome relics, and completing an obstacle course. You can purchase tickets for Tomb Raider Live here. 

Create A Positive Workplace

As a new business, you want your workplace culture to be healthy and positive. This will ensure that new employees want to work for you when the time arises. This can also minimise the number of employees that leave, as this doesn’t look good for a startup. 

Employees spend a lot of time with each other, so it is good to encourage bonding through a fun activity that can help people to get to know one another, away from the confines of work. Allowing your team to unwind together will promote a positive workplace.

Boost Employee Productivity

Happy staff members are more inclined to work harder for a company that makes them feel good. As well as praising your staff, having a team-building day will show staff you care about their wellbeing and want to bring a fun environment to the workplace. 

Rather than employees procrastinating, they are more likely to work harder when they can see the benefits of working with your startup. Also, team building days can improve multi-tasking and communication skills, which makes for better workplace productivity. For more ideas to increase productivity, check out this article

Enable Employee Self-Confidence

A new business means new employees all working together to achieve a common goal. A startup could do well by taking part in a team-building day, giving each team member time to shine. 

In new situations, some employees may take longer than others to build confidence but put them in a fun environment, and they are much more likely to show off their skills. Seeing what they can bring to the team will promote their self-confidence, making better and quicker workplace decisions. Here are 7 other tips to boost your employee’s self-confidence

A team-building day can improve communication, create a positive workplace, enable employee self-confidence, and boost productivity. This can push your London startup to success and allow for a great working environment.                    


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