How to clean your garden patio

After the harsh months of winter that brought wind, frost, and rain downpours, your patio is likely looking drab and worn out. When spring rolls around, you should start thinking about how to breathe life into your garden. Your patio is one of the easiest ways to do this. This is because your patio picks up most of the grime and mould from the garden. However, this need not be the case. There are plenty of things you can do to improve your patio and ensure that it remains looks good throughout the year.

The pressure washer

When you are looking for a speedy and efficient way to clean your patio, then your pressure washer is one way to go. It is an intense patio cleaning method, and it can remove stubborn dirt through powerful streams of cold water. Though you do need to be careful not to damage your slabs when you use a pressure washer. Before you commit to this method, you should research the best pressure washer for cleaning the patio as it can help you find which washer will be the most useful for you.

Soap and water

This is one of the cheapest methods to clean your patio. However, it is also one of the most labor intensive. Washing up liquid mixed with warm tap water can be the simple answer to your patio problems. All you need to do is pop a little bit of washing-up liquid into a bucket and fill it with warm water. When you begin cleaning, you should start from the corners. Scrub diagonally as this will be gentler on the jointing compound.

If you need an environmentally friendly and non-toxic patio cleaner, then you should look for using white vinegar. This can be found in most supermarkets. It is often used for cleaning jobs, particularly for those tough ones. It is particularly effective for dirty patios and for removing dirt from high-traffic outdoor areas. Though, you should take note to not use it on any patio slabs that are made from limestone. This is because of the acidic compound of vinegar which will permanently damage the slabs.

How to make sure the patio stays clean for later

Cleaning your patio can become a task that you begin to dread. However, if you do a small amount of maintenance throughout the year then you should be able to prevent the job from becoming too big when you come around to do it in the springtime. Something you can do that is quite simple is to regularly brush your patio. This is essential during the autumn months when leaves begin to fall and be crushed on it. This will create a discolouration stain on your patio.

Cleaning your patio

You don’t want to get your garden looking amazing with lots of fresh flowers and a trimmed hedge only to be let down by a shabby-looking patio. There are a few different methods to clean the patio but the most effective is the power washer. Just make sure to do regular maintenance on it to prevent the patio from deteriorating too much throughout the year.



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