Looking To Quit Smoking | Alternative Methods Worth Trying

Choosing to quit smoking is the first step of a lengthy journey. Quitting smoking is renowned for being a difficult habit to break. After smoking your last cigarette, you will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms. How long and often you smoked will influence how long you might experience these symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms many will likely encounter are what usually cause many to go back to smoking cigarettes.

However, if you can overcome these symptoms, you are one step closer to accomplishing your goal of quitting smoking. If you are hoping to quit smoking, here are a few alternative methods worth trying. You may find one that works best for you.

Try To Avoid Triggers

After overcoming the withdrawal symptoms stage, you may find moments when you crave a cigarette. These urges often come when we are around triggers. A trigger could be a place that you most often associate smoking with. For instance, you might have smoked regularly at bars, parties, or even when drinking coffee or feeling stressed. 

Try to identify what your triggers are. In doing so, you can prepare to avoid falling for when these cravings begin to build. If you used to smoke when you drank a coffee, look at changing where you drink your caffeinated beverage. If you drank your coffee outside, change to sitting inside. This way, you can prevent yourself from reaching for a cigarette.

Switch To A Vape

Vaping has become a popular substitute in recent years for helping individuals to quit smoking. The nicotine withdrawal many experiences when they quit smoking influence them to return to the habit they quit. Using a vape allows people to satisfy their nicotine cravings while controlling their intake. There are plenty of vape options to choose from.

For instance, Geek Bars in the UK have become one of the popular forms of vapes many are choosing to use. Visit sites such as Grey Haze, as they have a variety of Geek Bars available. There are plenty of Geek Bar flavours to choose from, so you can delight your tastebuds whilst slowly reducing your nicotine intake.

Get Into Exercise

Whenever you crave a cigarette, find a way to distract yourself to avoid smoking. Physical activity can help you to distract yourself when you begin to experience these cravings. Go for a walk or run up and down the stairs a few times – these are small ways that could help you to distract yourself from when you are craving a cigarette.

Additionally, quitting smoking and getting more exercise can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. After smoking your last cigarette, there are plenty of health benefits to quitting smoking. Some benefits come into effect hours and days after you last smoked.

If you find that exercise is not distracting you, look for another hobby to try. Consider one that will keep your hands and mind preoccupied, like painting, knitting, writing or even building something. Find something that works for you that helps you to distract your mind when you feel the cravings.

Whether it is your first or tenth attempt at quitting smoking, the above are just a few methods worth trying. One of them could help you quit smoking for good—a goal you might have wanted to accomplish for a long time.


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