Things to Know Before Getting a Watch for Your Man

Some watches simply tell time, whereas others give a quick display and describe the type of man you are. The second type shows a man that cares about tradition, craftsmanship, and time well spent. 

Here are some factors you need to know when choosing a watch to buy for your loved one:


Even the most basic man will care about the brand of the watch you choose for him. This is because brands speak volumes about the watch itself, and the watch a man wears represents the person. For a truly unique gift, it is wise to stay away from the trendiest brands and instead invest in brands with history and craftsmanship. For example, a watch like Panerai Italy, which is among the best timepieces, will be sure to turn heads with its beauty.


Men’s watches have several styles of watches to select from. These are the two main categories:

  • Dress watch. These types of watches are usually simple, clean, and lack adornments. It is commonly reserved for formal and semi-formal looks. However, a few of the dress watches can be matched with one’s casual attire. Dress watches do not have any other specific function except telling time.
  • Dive watch. This watch is very popular with men. Dive watches are larger in size and have a rotating bezel. Dive watches are designed to withstand harsh conditions like ocean depth and can be worn when diving. The versatile pieces are aesthetic enough to be matched with different attires. The dive watch has features that make it beautiful such as a punchy unidirectional hazel, luminous dials and hands, and rugged construction.


There are multiple options to choose from in terms of size when looking for men’s watches. Every brand has several designs and styles to select from. The right size to choose should be based on the man’s wrist and overall style. Men with medium wrists are suited for 40mm watches. Those with smaller wrists will make the watch look too big. Timepieces like the diving watches are usually as big as 47mm, so consider this type of watch for men of larger build. Checking the size of the watch your man is currently wearing can give you insight into what will suit him best.

While selecting the perfect watch for your man can seem complicated, it will be worthwhile. Watches are unique pieces that will make a timeless and very appreciated gift. 

Do you have any additional advice that can be helpful when choosing watches? Feel free to add your insight in the comment section!


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