How Embroidery Makes Gifts Extra Special

Gift-giving has always been a love language between people in any given environment. Whether they’re shared between friends or co-workers, gifts are excellent for breaking the ice. However, despite how common it is in practice, thinking of what to give your person is the last thing you’ll call easy. Because even if you already know them intimately, gift ideas might not come as naturally as you’d think. So, if you’re looking for ideas, consider turning to embroidery.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is a handicraft that dates back centuries ago to the early stages of mankind. After all, the only tools you need to embroider are a needle, thread (ideally yarn), and fabric. Combined, you can create patterns to breathe life into a plain piece of fabric. Because of how simple it is to learn, embroidery continued to persevere and spread.  

And it remains popular to this day, from decorating housewares to designing Printful embroidered shirts and other articles of clothing. With its versatility, it’s no wonder why so many people consider it handy when it comes to gift ideas.

How Embroidery Improves Your Gift-Giving

The reason why it’s so challenging to think of something to give to your person is that there are hundreds of gift ideas up in the air. Accessories, toys, clothes, food—these are only some of the most common gift ideas the internet can give you, and there are still more down the list. With that many gifts, it’s no wonder why it leaves most people indecisive. But now that you’re here, you might wonder, ‘what makes embroidery any better than a diamond ring?’

  • It Makes The Gift Unique

As mentioned earlier, embroidery is an age-old handicraft passed down from one person to another until it managed to live through the modern era without any problems. Naturally, there’s no such thing as a ‘guideline’ when embroidering. Although there are guides available on the internet, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to limit yourself to what’s in front of you. 

Embroider a patch designed after every landmark your person has gone to. Embroider their favourite animal when making them a fabric bookmark. Use their favourite colour for your thread when embroidering. Because embroidery is a hands-on craft, you can customise it to whatever you like and basically give them the perfect gift.

  • It Shares Personality

Since you can make so many things with embroidery, it’s easy to customise something that lets your recipient’s personality shine even better. After all, expensive jewellery and branded mobile devices can only go so far. Although pricy, without any wiggle room for your person to customise it to their taste, these gifts are just like any other. 

However, because you’re familiar with the person’s preferences, you have the opportunity to create something that tickles their fancy. Considering it speaks more to the type of person they are, no amount of store-bought gift can ever top that.

  • It Tells A Story

People use different mediums to tell a story. Be it on a canvas, through writing, or carving, society always finds a way to use any material nearby to start laying down their thoughts. Thus, embroidery is no different. 

As mentioned earlier, embroidery has been a prominent presence in designing all sorts of fabrics for simple houseware and high-end fashion. And if you didn’t know, what people created at the time can be preserved for people nowadays to study and hypothesise about the culture they used to have before. With how long embroidery can last, who’s to say you can’t do the same, too? 

And through embroidery, you can make something unique to your relationship with the person. And one way to do that is by making a story. Embroidery journals show a montage of all sorts of things you can put that circle that person, or you could even embroider a still-image of a memory you once shared with the person. Regardless, both ideas are something your person can look back to with fondness.

  • It Deepens The Bond

Personalised gifts hold more value than store-bought ones. After all, it takes time, resources, and patience for the product to be made. And although it’s simple to learn embroidery, perfecting it doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. 

Leonardo Da Vinci took years to paint the famous Mona Lisa, and it took him even longer to master his art style. In connection, you can’t create something as polished as the ones experts have embroidered after watching a two-minute tutorial. But for you to pour in all that time and effort to make something personal as a gift means the world to whoever you’ll give it to.


Thinking of what gift to give often leaves people toeing the line between ‘dull’ and ‘cliche.’ After all, not everyone might appreciate that gift, regardless of how expensive it is. Therefore, if you want something that has your personal touch, embroidery might be just the thing you’re looking for.


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