What to write in a 60th birthday card for your husband

The 60th birthday is a huge milestone and when it’s time to pick a husband’s 60th birthday card. But what to write in it to make it special? And where to find the proper card? Read on to find the answer to the first question. As for the other one, you can look for 60th birthday cards for husbands at Boomf.

For a sweet one

For your romantic husband, a loving 60th birthday card can go a long way. Spice up his birthday by recalling distinct memories the two of you have shared. Jot down his favourite dates, outings, and dinners you guys have shared. Don’t forget to remind him how much you love him and how grateful you are to have him in his life, this can mean a whole lot to him.

For a funny one

For your goofy husband, a funny 60th birthday card can go a long way. Spice up his birthday by including little details to make him smile and laugh his brains out. Try and find or create a card with a fun theme that includes a current meme or running joke, an inside joke that you and your spouse have shared for ages. Try and find puns that fit into your and your partner’s lives. Drawing funny doodles on the card could also make his day all the better, it’s a nice personal touch to add too.

Things you are officially older than…

Here’s another funny thing you can put in your husband’s birthday card. If you are 60, you are significantly older than a variety of events, objects, and people. Including these can make for the perfect 60th birthday card funny. He is older than Ford Mustang, the Apollo missions, coloured photos, and almost all social media platforms. Pick the things that would crack him up for your own list — the options are almost endless when it comes to things he is older than.

The 60th birthday is an unforgettable one, so just remember to have fun. Your husband will most likely cherish whatever you decide to write him no matter what. So just remember not to stress and enjoy the moment!


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