How to choose hedging for a family garden

Keeping your family safe may be one of your top priorities in life. While you may consider dangers found outside of your property, you might also want to think about how to make the home and garden safer. One of the ways that you may be able to do this can be through the use of garden hedging. In saying that, you may also want to be careful about the type you choose. It could be a good idea to do your research so that you can make an informed decision on what variety could suit your garden the best.

Consider the sizing

Small saplings may be pretty redundant in your garden if you want to use hedging to offer privacy, or even mark out the boundaries of your space. More elegant than walls or fencing, hedging could also be useful in preventing your children from getting out of the garden. Yet, younger plants may take a long time to grow. This means that, by the time they reach the desired height, your children could very well have outgrown that need. For a quicker solution, you may want to look into instant hedging troughs online to allow you to find something in the size you require. You could then simply plant them into your garden and have that privacy you want.

Types of hedging

All hedges don’t look or behave in the same manner. Some might stay green all year round, while others could drop their leaves in the cooler months. That being said, when you’re looking for a family hedge, you might want to think about those that could be safest for your family. Some hedges may have berries which may be poisonous if consumed, making them less than ideal when you have young children underfoot. Likewise, others may have prickly leaves or thorns, leading to an increase in cuts and scrapes in your children, meaning they may also want to be avoided. Doing some research into the different species of hedges could allow you to find one that is a much better fit.

Allow the hedge to thrive

Your children may learn to love the plants in your garden as much as you do, especially if they are also fond of gardening. Therefore, you might want to give your new hedging as much of an opportunity to thrive and grow as possible, to avoid any upset. One of the ways to do this can be to figure out what type of soil exists naturally within your garden. You may then be able to use this information to pick the type of hedge that is most suited to that soil type. 

Picking new hedging for your garden can allow you to gain a bit more security, something that may be important to you when you have a young family. To do so, it could be a good idea to think about the best type of hedging for your garden and needs.


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