Best Times Of The Year To Visit The Lake District

It’s hard to say there’s ever truly a ‘better’ time than others to visit the Lake District. With its vast landscape and numerous things to do within the surrounding areas, there’s something for everyone no matter what time you visit the lakes. However, this article from Inn On The Square will help explain what you can expect from the different seasons in the Lake District. 

Winter Seasons in The Lake District 

Although winter in the UK isn’t the nicest of seasons, it’s cold, dark and grey, and for most bundling up on the sofa under a blanket is just about all you can manage. However, despite the Lake District being an outdoorsy choice of holiday, it is still a great place to visit even in December, January and February! 

If you like cosy evenings in traditional British pubs, surrounded by friendly locals, good food, soul-warming beverages, and the warmth of an open fireplace, the Lake District is the ideal winter getaway for you. With sprinkles of snow expected during the Christmas season over the lower fells, the Lake District quickly becomes what can only be described as a postcard scene during winter. The majestic landscape is turned into a winter wonderland by the cold snaps of the season and local villages provide the warmest of welcomes to visitors looking for a place to settle down for a few nights. 

Spring at the lakes 

Spring is a beautiful season at the Lakes. Expect to see nature in all its glory as the warmer weather kicks in and the beautiful wildflowers start to bloom! Plus, if you’re lucky you may even catch a sight of cute baby farm animals, like newborn lambs and little ducklings. Between March, April, and May, the Lake District truly comes to life with injections of colour and light there’s plenty to do this time of year. As the water starts to reach warmer temperatures, spring is a great time for the brave to take a dip in the lakes and rivers.

Alternatively a walk around some of the walking trails is a great way to relax and unwind to the sounds of nature awakening. 

Summer on the water 

A favourite season for families, summer is a busy time for the villages and lakes in and around the Lake District. Hotels and B&Bs will often be booked up well in advance, so it’s always a good idea to plan your summer staycation with plenty of time. July and August see the highest number of tourists to the area, so be prepared for busy walking trails, bustling beer gardens and plenty of activities and events on offer. 

The warm weather means the lakes and rivers become incredibly inviting, with plenty of visitors choosing to cool off in the waters. While bright sunny days and early sunrises means walking conditions are practically idyllic offering stretching views of Cumbria’s very best natural scenery. During the summer months you will also find plenty of events hosted by locals, like beer festivals, food festivals, music events and summer parties. If you’re happy to share the beautiful area with lots of tourists and locals alike, then summer really is a great time to plan your visit to the Lake District. 

Autumn getaways to the Lake District 

For a little more peace and quiet, with the summer holidays over and kids back to school, the autumn months of September, October, and November are just as enjoyable. These quieter months provide a good time for couples hoping to explore the lakes and trails at their own pace with the promise of autumn sunshine. In addition, the leaves will have turned a beautiful combination of bright orange, brown, and yellow to create yet another breathtaking scene. 

With the sun still shining for the majority of the day, autumn is also a great time to get your hiking boots on and explore the higher fells that the Lake District has to offer. And once you’re done with a long day of exploring the pubs and guesthouses will welcome you back once more to a beverage and warm meal of your choosing. 

So, no matter what time of year you choose to visit the lakes, you will certainly be in awe of the absolute beauty of the place and its surroundings. While the friendly locals and business owners are always welcoming, creating a home from home for all the lakes’ guests. 



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