The best gifting ideas for new mums

Do you know someone that has recently become a new mum or is about to have their first child? This is a major moment in their life as everything will change for them. In addition to a gift for their bundle of joy, you should consider a gift for the mum and this life-changing moment. Becoming a mum is daunting and this will be an incredibly challenging moment in their life, so you want to find the perfect gift that they will appreciate and cherish.


The key to a happy life is through the stomach, so any kind of indulgent treat is sure to be appreciated (especially after carrying a baby around for 9 months!). It is hard to go wrong with a luxury chocolate set that they can indulge in or a luxury hamper filled with all kinds of goodies. A thermal mug is also a thoughtful gift idea as cups of tea will often go cold whilst on mum duty!

Skincare & Radiance

Childbirth is the most physically taxing experience in life, but it does not suddenly get easier after the baby is born! Many women feel older after giving birth, so high-quality skincare products can be a thoughtful gift idea that could help them to regain their confidence in their appearance. You can find products that can restore elasticity in the skin, provide a healthy complexion and improve overall health. Oils and bath soaps are also thoughtful gifts that would allow the mum to pamper herself during the times that the baby is asleep. 

Fragrance & Smells

There are also fragrance gifts that can make a big difference to the atmosphere in the home and the mood of the new mum. Diffusers and scented candles can be thoughtful gift ideas that create a calm, soothing atmosphere in the home and this can make life a lot easier and less stressful during what is inevitably a stressful time. 

A Luxury Item

You only become a new mum once and this is why a luxury gift is worth considering. OMEGA watches are a terrific option for a thoughtful present for any new parent because they are fashionable, advanced technologically and durable. This is sure to be a gift that is greatly appreciated and they will be reminded of your generosity each time that they check the time.

An Experience

Instead of a physical gift, you could consider an experience that the mum can enjoy in the near future when things have settled down a bit. This could be something like a spa weekend, tea in London or tickets to a show.

If you have a loved one that is about to start her motherhood journey then you will want to give them a thoughtful gift to mark this transformative moment and hopefully this post will give you a few ideas. 


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