Six benefits of board games for children

Many people think that playing board games is just about having fun. But the truth is, board games have a long list of benefits – especially for children.

So, what do your kids stand to gain from this activity?

In this article, we’ll share six of the key benefits of board games for children.

  • Brain function

Playing a board game is a fun way for children to exercise their brains. They get to stimulate the same parts of the brain that are responsible for complicated thought processes, which helps build essential cognitive skills like decision making, strategic thinking and problem solving. Research has even shown that playing board games could help performance in school.

  • Social skills 

There are many social skills to learn as a kid, such as taking turns, compromising and working as a team. These are vital for children to navigate social situations in school and beyond. Children can learn many of these skills while participating in multiplayer board games, making it a great way to prepare for the various social situations they’ll face later in life. 

  • Learning

Many board games have cultural, historical or educational themes. This makes them an easy way to introduce your children to new topics or fields of study, without the boredom of the classroom. For example, Risk is set in the Napoleonic era of history and Cashflow revolves around financial skills.

  • Competition

For many children, the highs and lows of winning and losing are difficult to handle. It isn’t unusual to see kids burst into tears or get into arguments over even the most insignificant competitions. Board games give a great way for children to get used to regulating their emotions, especially if parents participate and model calm responses.  

  • Unplugging 

Board games are a great way to take a break from the modern world. There’s no technology or screens required to play – just time and other people. As such, they give you an easy way to make memories and emotional connections with one another, helping you find the balance between the real and digital worlds. 

  • Confidence

Board games give your children the perfect chance to work on their creativity. They’ll have plenty of chances to express their unique personalities through the way that they play. This can especially help shy or quiet children, who find themselves opening up and engaging more in the context of a game. Eventually, this can lead to greater self-esteem as they find themselves being accepted and included in this safer environment.

From learning social skills to taking a break from the tv, there are so many benefits that children get when they play board games. Which do you think is the most important?


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