What a week!

Phew! What a week! They are right about things happening in threes…..
Hubby’s car went in for MOT at the beginning of the week, and typically the week before Christmas it failed – needed lots of work and cost me over £300! The next day, my washing machine broke – the engineer has quoted me over £200 to fix the problem, so have decided to check out the boxing day sales and hopefully get a nice shiny new one for not much more than that! Finished the week off with a dose of hefty cold and I have been feeling distinctly sorry for myself! 
BUT…….there is always a silver lining! On Thursday, my 17 week pregnancy suddenly stared to feel ‘real’ when I felt the first little wriggles in my tummy – there really is no better feeling. Helps reassure me that all is well and baby is doing ok in there!
Today was a lovely way to end the week, with a gorgeous pub lunch and some chocolate fudge cake to celebrate my sister in laws birthday.

The last week at school has been Christmas play week for my kids too – Jacob was very shy and nervous in his first ever Nativity but did join in with the songs. Gemma, on the other hand had the lead role as Alien 1 in ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ and said all her lines correctly and clearly, even managing her solo song performance in front of a packed hall full of parents – she did us proud!

With 2 more sleeps to go, Christmas fever has really hit now, and the kids swing from being totally over excited to being exhausted and tearful, they just don’t know how to cope with the anticipation, bless them! Nearly there – tomorrow’s plans include making christmas biscuits for Santa, present delivering to some friends, and a wintry walk round the woods with the dog in the hope it will tire them out and result in a reasonable christmas eve bedtime so mummy can finish all the last minute bits and pieces!



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