Place your bets!

So it’s less than 48 hours until 20 week scan day, and we are placing our bets as to whether this bump is pink or blue. I say blue and hubby thinks pink. Gemma wants a baby sister and Jacob wants a little brother, and has told us that if it’s a girl he wants to put it in the bin!

I am intrigued as to some of the old wives tales and if there is any truth in them. Someone told me a faster foetal heart rate means girl – if thats true then I am having a girl. However, a friend told me about the ‘ring on a string’ trick, which revealed I am having a boy.
Are there any tricks/tales that have turned out to be true for you?

It’s been a manic time at work recently as we are preparing the children for their Year 6 SAT’s. It has meant a lot of extra work, and I am feeling it! When I come home from work I am exhausted, but still have to crack on with the housework, washing etc before collecting the children from school, ferrying them to various clubs, making their tea and getting baths, homework and bedtime sorted too.
What are your top tips for helping aching feet and back during pregnancy??


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