It’s a……..

20 week scan today, all went well and everything seems perfectly normal. There was no doubt at all that it was a boy!

Am relieved that everything looks good at this stage, feel like I can relax and enjoy the pregnancy a little bit more now. Saw my consultant after the scan, and got booked in for my C section on 23rd May, seems like ages away but sure it will come round quickly! Am going to be off baby clothes shopping next week now that I know what colour to buy!

Have never been in for an elective C section before, as the other 2 were emergencies. Anyone got any experiences of elective sections? What is it like, and what happens?

Have recieved some gorgeous goodies from Dr Oetker today, am looking forward to trying them out and making Gemma a gorgeous birthday cake next week! Look out for my review coming soon!



  1. January 29, 2013 / 2:19 pm

    I had an emergency the first time and a much more “relaxed” emergency the second time – expect lots of waiting around as more urgent cases get pushed up the list before you! x

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