Finding our feet as a family of 5

Max is now 11 days old, and we are starting to settle into our new life as a family of five. It hasn’t been easy – especially with Max being in SCBU when he was born, and trying to juggle childcare with me being in hospital and Kevin visiting us. But we are getting there – the last few days I have felt as though I have found my feet again, and I am loving being a mummy of 3.
Gemma and Jacob adore their little brother, and have been taking photos into school to show their friends and teachers. Gemma loves holding Max (apart from this morning when he was sick on her lol), and Jacob is often to be found sat beside the bouncy chair stroking Max’s head. It makes my heart melt, and I am so proud of the older two for they way they have accepted a new baby into the family.

Next week, Kevin will be going back to work, and I am not quite sure yet how I am going to manage getting all 3 of them up and ready for the school run, but I am sure we will work out a new routine soon enough.
For now, we are loving being a 5-some, and I feel so blessed to have 3 amazing children. I couldn’t be happier.


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