Coping with eczema

Jacob has always suffered with eczema, ever since he was a tiny tot. It is usually fairly well managed with a combination of bath oil and daily applications of eczema cream. But when the weather is hot, we have real problems – not only does the heat cause a flare up that is hard to manage, but as he is allergic to almost every sun cream on the market, we have issues protecting him from the sun too.

Last night was a bad night for little Jacob – he woke up several times in the night, itchy and uncomfortable. The hot spots are behind his knees, the inside of his elbows and his face. It’s not nice at all.
Cool baths seem to help soothe the itch, and chamomile lotion relieves it a little bit, but nothing takes it away. I hate to see my little boy like this. There are a few handy tips on the National Eczema Society website but I want to hear from you – real people.
 SO, I am on the hunt for new ideas – things you have tried and tested that have helped you or your family. Take it away – I am all ears!


  1. June 6, 2013 / 7:15 pm

    Do you know you can give antihistamine to help with the itching? If you get the right one it will also make him drowsy and help him sleep – our Dr purposely prescribed one that would make Ben sleepy when his eczema was bad. His skin is currently well under control with the help of much Aveeno but he doesn’t react all that well to heat / suncream and tends to get a bit rashy so he’s dosed up with antihistamine then too. (On the suncream front we’re finding the Nivea kids one that comes in a white bottle suits both his and my fussy skin)

  2. June 6, 2013 / 7:18 pm

    I had really bad eczema as a child but it got better over time and i just get it bad sometimes. Finn has light eczema but he always has dry skin and i found the only thing working for his skin is using weleda baby calendula oil (they have a milk lotion too but he got a rash when we tried it out once) and i use the weleda baby calendula shampoo&body wash as well as the bath milk occasionally when his skin flares up.
    The only suncreme he is good with i found is SunSense Toddler Milk SPF 50. hope that helps a little bit x

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