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I love kids clothes and accessories. I really do. I have wardrobes full to prove it (Just don’t tell my husband!). But what I really DON’T like are products designed for children that look great – but don’t function well in the real world. Clothes that don’t stand up to some rough and tumble, or trousers that are too fiddly for toddlers to pull up and down themselves. Or bibs that leak.
That’s why I was really excited when I discovered Skibz. In my book, bibs for babies and toddlers need to do 2 things – keep little necks dry and clean, and look nice! There are so many bibs on the market that successfully keep babies free of dribble and drool but look boring and plain. Then there are some that look amazing, but allow the wetness to seep through onto clothes. Not cool. Thankfully Skibz have filled that gap in the market, and designed a bib that really does do both.
This bandana bib has grown in popularity lately, and it’s not hard to see why. They are so different from the standard ‘cover the whole baby’ style bibs you can buy in the supermarket, and look so much funkier too. They also provide a great fit – the style means that they fit snugly around even the smallest of necks (could pop in a pic of Max wearing his at 4 days old here?) due to the fact they have adjustable popper fastenings. This also means they will last well through teething and tantrums and into toddlerhood. (At which point you can move onto a Skibz Feederz bib!). And no matter how dribbly your baby is (and trust me, I think my little one could win the prize for dribbler of the year) Skibz bibs can handle it. I don’t know where the wetness goes, but it certainly doesn’t go onto your little one’s clothes or skin.


Skibz bandana dribble bibs combine fashion AND utility. There are a humungous range of designs and colours to choose from, so you can find one that will compliment any outfit, but most importantly, they keep your little ones trendy outfit dry and clean! And if you just can’t decide on a design (I feel your pain) then Skibz have just the thing – the Skibz Doublez is a reversible dribble bib, so you can mix and match two designs in one!

* This is a guest post for Skibz bibs, all written content is my own *

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