Slumberdown Travel Pillow – review

I was recently lucky enough to be a part of the Slumberdown Panel of Mums. This means that I get a chance to try out some of the lovely Slumberdown products, and let you know what I really think!
This week we have been taking a look at the Slumberdown travel pillow.
The travel pillow is made from memory foam. I am a huge fan of memory foam as I find it really moulds to your shape, and keeps you much more comfortable. I am always hinting to my husband that we need a memory foam mattress but he keeps ignoring me – I can’t think why!
The travel pillow is obviously ideal for use in the car, and we have been putting it to the test with Gemma. As she is in a booster seat, if she ever falls asleep her head will flop over to the side and annoy her brother who is sat next to her.

Picture 1 is the start of our trip – excited to be trying out the travel pillow!

Picture 2 is when we got home. After a tiring day playing with friends, Gemma was exhausted, but still comfortable with the travel pillow to keep her neck from flopping sideways!

As well as for travelling, I have found another use for the travel pillow. Now, I like to sit in bed of an evening and read a book. But despite numerous pillows and cushions I can never quite get comfy. But if I use the travel pillow it is much more relaxing! The pillow holds my neck in a comfortable position and the memory foam is very supportive too – hooray for no more neck ache!

The Slumberdown Travel Pillow is currently on offer in Tesco as part of their WOW deals – buy it now for just £5 instead of the usual £10! This offer is available from 29th July – 7th August so be quick, and buy now ready for your summer holidays!

You can find out more about Slumberdown products on their website or look them up on Facebook or Twitter.

* We were sent this item free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own *


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