Baby watch – weeks 12-16

We have reached 16 weeks. Almost 4 months. 4 months since the most miraculous little man entered our lives.
The last 4 weeks have seen some big changed in Max. He is SO much more alert now, awake for longer periods during the day, and he is really interactive now. He waked up smiling, and pretty much stays the same all day. He is such a happy little boy.
He really laughs now. It has gone from a little giggle to a proper belly chuckle. Tickling is the best thing to get him going – so now I spend all day tickling him just to hear that laugh! He is a huge timewaster lol.

Max has settled into his own routine, and it seems to work well for him. He wakes between 7 and 7.30am, and then tends to feed every 4 hours or so, with little naps in between. When he is awake now, he loves to lie on his play-mat – he has worked out how to bash the toys with his hands to make them move. He also loves being in the Jumperoo we got for him – he finds that totally fascinating! He can often be heard chatting and coo-ing away. Got to be the best sound in the world that one.

My boy is growing up. I can hardly believe that the next baby watch will mark weeks 17-20. 20 weeks seems like a real milestone. Don’t ask me why. But it sounds remarkably grown up.
On the advice of our paediatrician, week 17 or 18 will see the start of weaning for us. We are hoping it will help with Max’s reflux. That is one HUGE, slightly scary step and I am preparing by covering my entire kitchen with plastic sheeting 😉
Let the weaning commence!


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