Kids do the funniest things….

My children are the funniest little people sometimes. Some of the things they do make me laugh so hard I almost fall over. And some of the things they do are just plain crazy-funny!

Take Jacob, for example. Jacob is football mad. You might even say obsessed. If there is a football around, he’s happy. If we go out for the day, there is always a football in the luggage, because if there is a patch of grass, or a park, or even just a small concrete area, you can guarantee that Jacob will want to play football.
Now, I love this. And I am all for encouraging sports, and outdoor fun. But sometimes, funny little Jacob just can’t be reasoned with. Rain, wind, storms? That doesn’t stop him!

You have to laugh, right? Bless his little heart. The way he gets so excited every single time he sees a football makes me laugh. It makes everyone laugh, he is SO into it.
Maybe I have a future Wayne Rooney on my hands? Who knows? All I do know is – Jacob loves football. And I have to laugh when we are all out, come rain or shine, getting filthy and wet – but we are always laughing.
* This is my entry into the Cycle Tots competition. I am tagging Outnumbered Mum and My monkeys don’t sit still as I think they would love to take part too! *

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