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I never know what to buy for the men in my life. Presents for women are easy – no matter what the occasion, I can always rustle up some flowers, chocolates, perfume or other girly treat that I know will go down well. But men? That’s a totally different ball game, so to speak.
Kevin’s birthday falls in May – and yes I know that seems eons away, but it’s not. It will soon be steamrolling around, bringing gift indecision and will more than likely result in me buying some tat, purely because I can’t think of anything to buy. Well not this year. This year I am determined to get it right, and so I have begun researching gift ideas for the man in my life.

  • Computer-y type techy things. 

Yes, OK I know that’s really ermm….vague? But I know what I mean. All the little accessory bits that go with the games consoles. Kevin has a Playstation, so I have been looking at things like PS4 headsets, steering wheels for the car racing/crashing games, even gaming chairs. I am also pretty sure Kevin would love this PS3 controller that I came across on, which seems to be the place to go for all things gaming related. 

  • Watch.

Kevin is not a big jewellery man, but I know he likes a really good watch, and it is something he wears day in, day out. If I suddenly win the lottery I would love to splash out on a really high quality one, but in the event that I am not a millionaire by May, I have seen quite a few reasonably priced ones around in the jewellery shops – I favour the silver, chunky style with a big face.

  • Something personalised.

Again I know this is really vague, but I am thinking something along the lines of these Fingerprint cufflinks from Smallprint. Individually handcrafted and totally personal, these would be a lovely keepsake.

  • A day out voucher.

This is one that really appeals to me, as I know that Kevin enjoys this type of thing. Last year, Kevin helped me out with one of my review posts by taking a helicopter tour of the Jurassic coast and he just loved it. He really enjoys things like that, and the possibilities are endless – I think I would choose this Land Rover Thrill experience.

Do you find buying gifts for men really difficult, or is it just me? If you have any other suggestions for me please do shout – I need all the help I can get!

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