Baby watch – Max is 10 months

10 months since Max arrived. 10 amazing, wonderful and sometimes hard months in which my newborn has turned into a little boy with a cheeky character and a smile that melts my heart.

New things Max has learnt this month:
  • Standing up – he is now an expert at pulling himself up onto his feet and cruising around the furniture. This has meant that everything has had to be moved to a higher shelf because anything Max gets his hands on is either chewed or thrown around.
  • Finding his walking feet! Max isn’t quite walking by himself yet, but we have a few steps with the push along walker – eeek! (excuse the messy tshirt – he had just tipped a cup of juice down himself)

  • New food – We have been trying Max with as many new foods as possible, doing our best to introduce a new flavour every day. This week he has tried orange, avocado, courgette and rice krispies – there is nothing this boy won’t eat!

  • Crawling – fast. Now a professional crawler, Max can cross a room in seconds, especially if he hears the stair gate open – the stairs are his favourite forbidden place…

  • Teeth! Max now has 6 teeth, which he likes to try out on anything and everything – your finger, the coffee table, the cot and Nanny’s dog. 
  • Words. We have a few words now – as well as mama and dada, we have nana (banana) and nana (which he says at bedtime and we think means night night?). He also waves – at anyone and everyone.

I cannot believe that in just 2 short months this little man will be 1. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that I was sat next to an incubator, watching this weeny little thing with a huge mask on his face, and wondering when we would be able to bring him home. What a difference 10 months makes.


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