Lamaze Play and Grow review

I have been a fan of Lamaze toys for a long time now. I love the bright colours, the crinkly, textured fabrics and the baby friendly noises. Max has a Lamaze butterfly that is always attached to the bumper bar of his pram, and it has been a favourite of his since he was big enough to notice it.

We were recently sent a couple of new items from the Lamaze range. Meet Toot Toot Toucan and the Cuddle and Squeak Koalas:

As you can see, they have the trademark ‘Lamaze’ look – bright, appealing and with lots to explore.
Max was drawn to the Cuddle and Squeak Koalas straight away, and as soon as they were out of the box he was having a good look.
He was fascinated with the smaller koala, which fits inside a pouch on the tummy of the big koala, and spent a long time taking it in and out – and soon discovered that it squeaks too!

Then he found the green rubbery feeling leaf – this soon ended up in his mouth, and is the perfect texture for teething gums! There are also crinkly ears and feet, and endless colours to look at.
Once he had thoroughly explored the koalas, he turned his attention to the Toot Toot Toucan. Ideal for on the go play, the toucan has a hook for attaching to prams, car seats and carriers. There is a lovely ring on the base with some beads to push up and down, and a tail full of ribbons for tactile play. Max’s favourite bit was the big soft beak, which squeaks when he chewed it!
The Toot Toot Toucan has been popped onto our other pushchair, so that no matter which set of wheels we are using, Max has a Lamaze friend to keep him happy.
Have you ever used Lamaze toys? Do you rate them?

We were sent these toys free of charge for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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