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I love reading, and I hope that I have passed that love onto my children. Gemma always has her head in a book, and although Jacob isn’t quite as keen, he is definitely interested in books about cars, planes and space – he likes to know how things work. Max is too young to really have an opinion yet, but he is always involved in the bedtime story, and enjoys looking at the pictures and listening to us speaking. 
Our favourite books change all the time as we discover new and exciting stories to share, but here are our current top 3:

This book was recently sent to us by Penwizard. They have a great range of character books on offer that allow you to add your child’s name – so they become a part of the story. Gemma and Jacob already have personalised books, so we chose one for Max, but Gemma and Jacob have chosen this as the bedtime story several times – they love the story about Max going swimming with Peppa Pig, and they point out all the pictures to him, and show him his name. 
The book is very high quality and the pictures are bright and appealing. Available for £14.99, I think they are reasonably priced for a personalised book, and would make a lovely gift.

‘Do not enter the Monster Zoo’ is a book I had not come across until recently, but it is now a firm favourite.
It is written by a local author, and she came into the children’s school to show them her new book, and provide the children with a signed copy. 
I love it because of the smooth, rhyming text, and the kids love the fun storyline and the amazing illustrations. 

Ok, this last one isn’t strictly a book, but it is a really lovely story that the children enjoy. Jonty the Dinosaur is an app that I have on my iPad. You can add animated objects and your own voice to make it a really fun and personal story, and you can interact with the story to make things happen. 
The story can be narrated for when the children want to look at it themselves, or ‘Read it myself’ for sitting down together and reading as a classic style story.

Do your children have a favourite bedtime story? Do you remember what you liked to read as a child? I remember loving ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’….



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