What’s in your craft box? A guest post

Today on the blog we have a crafty guest post by Mandy from Life with ASD and me. She shares her craft box treasures – and I want to know what’s in your craft box?

Time outside as a family is quite difficult for us due to Logan and Skye’s sensory needs. Going out and about is difficult for them as they don’t do busy places, loud noises and certain types of lighting.
This means we need to make the most of the surroundings we have at home – luckily we have a huge back garden and have lots of outdoor toys which get very well used. Also due to their addictive personalities we have to really limit their screen time.
We spend a lot of time digging through our arts and crafts box and finding ways to entertain ourselves. We aren’t great at arts and crafts in any way, we like to keep it simple. Nothing too elaborate and we would never win a crafting competition by any means, but what we do the children like. So I thought I would share with you some of our arts and craft box staple items.

Obviously having lots of drawing utensils is a must, we have a variety of crayons, small pencil crayons, large pencil crayons and lots of Crayola felt tip pens and markers – all of which I have managed to pick up at my local pound shops so they are really inexpensive to replace.
We have a variety of different papers, construction paper, tissue paper and card. You cant go wrong with a  good collection of paper as the possibilities for creation are endless. Plus it means the younger members of the family can just get scribbling on paper.
Also picked up from our local pound shops are some simple craft packs, we currently have some Easter crafts left over and a fab scratch art set. These are great for when the children are feeling a little uninspired in the art department, they can just crack open the set and its all ready for them to create.

I also have some of the activities left from our previous weekend boxes, again they contain everything we need to get an activity finished. We love the weekend boxes as they are really good is you’re not really crafty like us.
Lastly is all our tape and glue, we always get the coloured glitter glue for the children as it adds a bit of sparkle to their creations!
Not kept in my craft box but very much party of our activities are our collection of poster paints and play doh. These are kept on top of the kitchen cupboard well out of the way after a rather unfortunate incident featuring my kitchen floor and Skye! Should have know better, she is a sensory seeker and she just loves paint!
You also cant go wrong having a root though your recycling bins, the possibilities are really endless for junk modelling.
No matter what we make or do our favourite bit is to add it to our art wall – well I say wall it is now that vast it stretches over 2 walls!
What do you think of our creations?

Thanks so much to Mandy for letting us delve into her craft box and for showing us all their wonderful creations! What do you like to create?


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  1. May 1, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    I wish I even owned a craft box let alone had things in it! I am so not a crafty person! x

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