Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge – our healthy superhero

Plum Baby have challenged bloggers to create a healthy superhero. Now creating/making (and sometimes destroying) things is just the sort of activity my children enjoy, so we set to with gusto – using our Bostik family craft bloggers box for inspiration!

I told the children that our superhero had to be healthy. They discussed what ‘healthy’ meant and decided it meant fruit – and so our orange headed superhero was born.

Meet Fresh Man. His super powers include:
  • Growing super sized fruit and vegetables in the garden
  • Talking to the snails and birds
  • Flying over the town and sprinkling seeds in all the gardens (Gemma jumps in here with ‘Yes, Mummy – like bees doing pollination)
  • Squeezing his head to make orange juice (this must hurt, surely?)
  • Delivering bikes to all the children in the world so they can get some fresh air and exercise (is it just me, or is he starting to sound a bit like Santa? May is far too early for the Santa thing to start…)
So there you have it – Fresh Man is on the case, getting everyone eating his super fruit and veg, and delivering bikes to all.

This picture is an entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge.


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  1. June 16, 2014 / 9:03 pm

    I think the delivering bikes thing is pretty cool – I do agree it’s a bit too Santaesque for this time of year though 😀

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