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A cute picture of a cat, or a funny kitten quote, can brighten up the dullest of days, and where better to look for inspiration than Twitter? Twitter is a haven for pet lovers, and whether you’re looking for advice on pet care or just some cheering up, there are lovely people on Twitter just waiting to help. 

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  1. Emergency Kittens @EmrgencyKittens
For when you need a little bit of cat-style cheering up! A great big dose of kitten and cat cuteness.
Example Tweet: “I play a little song for you! 

  1. Grumpy Cat @RealGrumpyCat
You can’t fail to have seen Grumpy Cat all over social media. This is his official Twitter feed, full of grumpy comments fit for a comedy cat.
Example Tweet: “They wrote a book about me. Awful. Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book http://amzn.to/10Yd47R

Just for fun – pictures and silly quotes from a cat who doesn’t like very much!  Lots of very sweet pictures of the kitty in question too.

Example Tweet: “My cat is sad because I said his new myspace profile photo gives the impression that he’s trying too hard to be sexy”

  1. Sockamillion @sockington
Sockington is an opinionated cat with over a million followers. Plenty of pictures to keep you entertained, and lots of bad behaviour…
Example Tweet: “I REGRET NOTHING in related news don’t look in the kitchen.”

  1. Your Cat @YourCatmagazine
Information and entertainment for cat owners everywhere, the Twitter feed of Your Cat Magazine. You can find out about behaviour and training, breed information and health issues.
Example Tweet: “This month’s training focuses on using spot-on products and drops. What would you like to train your cat to do? http://ow.ly/k6F40

  1. Cats Protection @CatsProtection
Keep up to date with tweets from the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Great for rehoming cats, news about events and charity updates.
Example Tweet: “Happily homed cat! RT @eastsurreycp: Here’s a chirpy start to the week – adopted cat Boo happy in his new home. http://fb.me/1cXQ9tJ2L

  1. The Daily Cat @TheDailyCat
US site for cat owners all over the world, packed with advice and insight. Their mission is to ‘provide information to improve the quality of life for cats and their owners everywhere’.
Example Tweet: “Is your kitty stressed out? Here are the signs to watch for! @nmacryni http://ar.gy/3~nE

  1. The Cat’s Whiskas @whiskas_uk
Cheery site for cat lovers, affiliated with Whiskas cat food. Good for advice as well as general cat updates, sweet pictures and “devoted to tweeting the joy cats bring us every day.”
Example Tweet: “Where’s your cat’s favourite hiding spot? Here’s Alfie ready to pounce from his tunnel: http://ow.ly/i/1UXPK

  1. Cat Health Guide @CatHealthGuide
A Twitter feed with a focus on keeping your kitty healthy, and dealing with common ailments. Useful ‘Cat Health Daily’ news round up too.
Example Tweet: “Animals use nature to prevent infections; humans may benefit http://sbne.ws/r/cWgT

  1. Cats of Instagram @CatsofInstagram
Just for fun and cute appeal – follow for a daily dose of original, cute, cat photos.
Example Tweet:  “From @kobayashicat: “Kobayashi is a fluffy cat, he loves mischief, here he is – a frog!” #catsofinstagram”

  1. Simon’s Cat @SimonsCat
The official Twitter page of YouTube, book and merchandising sensation Simon’s Cat.
Example Tweet: “To celebrate our US Tour, and the US release of his book Kitten Chaos, we are running a Cutest Kitten Competition! – http://www.simonscat.com/Competition

  1. Purina Cat Chow @CatsOutOfTheBag
The Purina Community Manager’s Twitter feed; full of cute quotes and stories from a real cat lover. You’ll find plenty of cat videos too.
Example Tweet: “Oh, just a kitten palming a basketball. The thumbs help. Via @tenthlifecats & @enigmachine https://vine.co/v/bF9umzjWH0m

  1. LOLcats @thelolcats
If you love cats and you are a social media fan, you cannot fail to have come across a LOL cat. Follow them for even more ‘lols’.
Example Tweet:  “Can’t I Just Watch the TV in Peace? http://bit.ly/13qt0oW

  1. Cat Planet @CatPlanetOnline
A Twitter feed that goes hand-in-hand with the UK-based blog for all things cat. They tweet everything from breed information to products and appeals to silly videos.
Example Tweet:  “Cat Planet pledges to make a difference – sign the petition! http://www.catplanet.co.uk/index.php/magazine/articles/517-cat-planet-pledges-to-help-combat-animal-abuse

Pet food manufacturer’s feed which offers advice on nutrition and well-being issues for your pet, and the occasional funny animal video too.
Example Tweet: “This cat’s so cool he wears shades http://ow.ly/i/1VaJx

  1. BatterseaDogs&Cats @BDCH
Advice, news and updates on rehoming cats and dogs, volunteer recruiting and charity appeals. This feed is a must for animal lovers who want to help.
Example Tweet: “One of our former residents could become a canine star at the ITV @AnimalHonours tonight at 8pm, will you be watching? We can’t wait to see!”

  1. Blue Cross @The_Blue_Cross
The charity dedicated to helping sick, injured and homeless pets since 1897. Follow for tweets about abandoned pets, rehoming appeals, success stories and fundraising.
Example Tweet: “RT @WildPaw: ‘Anyone can do anything about looking after animals’ #AnimalHonours Children are the future for animal welfare!”

  1. Cat Food Breath @CatFoodBreath
A very amusing feed dedicated to a 17-pound Siamese cat with a sushi habit. Just for fun.
Example Tweet: “No, it was the dog who knocked the things off the top of the refrigerator. Not me.”

  1. Daily Battersea Cat @batterseacat
The ideal feed for anyone looking for a cat to adopt, though maybe not so ideal if you think you might want to adopt ALL of them…
Example Tweet:  – Stiggy has been through a very unsettled time recently and has had to go through lots of change …”

  1. Modern Cat Magazine @ModernCatMag
A feed containing everything cat-related that’s also cool. There’s fun news and information too. Oh, and more videos!
Example Tweet: “Raise a glass to Opal, who saved her human from fire in their home: http://www.moderncat.com/blogs/janehope/2013/04/opal-hero-cat   …”

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