Ikea experiment with time travel

I am pretty sure most of you have heard of Ikea. We love their clever storage and their value for money ranges – if there’s something you need then 9 times out of 10 Ikea will have the answer. When Kevin and I were just starting out, we bought a house and headed straight to Ikea – it’s a great place for young couples to kit out new homes on a budget.

Ikea have recently teamed up with hypnotist Justin Tranz to let young couples experience their future in a fascinating time travel experiment. He puts a couple into a deep trance before guiding them on a time journey where different life experiences and predictions await them, using Ikea bathrooms and bedrooms as a stage and passers by as an audience. The couples experience everything from their future daughters birthday to an odd meeting in the bathroom with the same daughters boyfriend, many years later!

Ikea does time travel

The point Ikea are trying to make here is that the everyday can be exciting. On seemingly ordinary days, life changes and moves, and as it does so do our homes. Families live out some of lifess biggest moments in bathrooms and bedrooms – rooms that Ikea is paying extra attention to this year, believing that if everyone can start and finish their day in a way that suits them (and lets face it, we all start and end our days in a bathroom and bedroom) then their everyday life will become better.

When life goes through changes, so do our homes. Why not pick up an Ikea catalouge or pop to your local store to find out what Ikea can do for your home?



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