Things to think about when helping your child to choose student accommodation

It’s time for your son or daughter to move out from their parental nest and as a parent of a student you might feel like you have 101 things to help them organise before they go to university, one of them being student accommodation.

student accommodation

For most, student halls are great to start out in. It’s a great half way point between independence and still having someone there to help your child with any problems that may occur.  Here are some things to think about before deciding which student accommodation you would like your son or daughter to live in.  

If your child is going to study in the capital, for example, there are many options of accommodation for students in London.  Whether he/she wants to be in the centre of London, near the university or on the outskirts, it is important that they consider their personality. Is your child outgoing, doesn’t mind noise, or prefers peace and quiet and is willing to commute? Etc.

When you go to visit the different types of accommodation, it is important that you think about whether your child can see themselves comfortably living there.  Take a piece of paper and a pen with you and after looking at each accommodation make two separate lists of the advantages and disadvantages of each place you visit.  Remember, your child’s bedroom will not only  be a bedroom. It also becomes their study space, living room and where they will hang out with friends.  Think about the décor of the room that could potentially be your son or daughters new home.  If it’s dull and there isn’t much light, is this somewhere where you want your child to spend a lot of their time?

Consider the area. Do your research and find out if it is a safe place to live in. What are the crime rates? As horrible as it might sound, it could be worth looking into it to give you peace of mind that your child is living in a safe place. It could make a huge difference looking in other nearby towns to your students overall experience at university.

Another important thing to think about is who your son and daughter is living with.  If your son or daughters friends are going to the same university, why not suggest that they move into the same student flat. That way they will find it easier to make friends and feel comfortable living somewhere new straight away, as it has more familiarity to their previous home.

 It is easier moving in with people you know, rather than new people, as it saves you starting from scratch and getting to know someone knew.  They will understand each other’s study habits, and are likely to already know each other’s weaknesses, which can save awkward experiences later on.

However, many students go to university to meet new people, and it is more than likely, your child will get on with their new neighbours as most students are in the same situation. Sometimes, it’s worth taking the risk as your son or daughter, might make a new friend for life.


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