How well do you know Strictly?

I am a big Strictly fan, and have watched avidly for the last few years, picking my winners from the start and watching over the weeks to see if they do as well as I think they will. There’s always one underdog we all love to support too isn’t there – who remembers Russell Grant appearing in a cannon and John Sergeant dragging Kristina across the floor like a sack of spuds?! I also love to argue with the judges too – can’t say I always agree with miserable Craig, but I do love Len and his ‘seveeeen’ and Bruno, who gets so exuberant he regularly falls off his chair. Great Saturday night viewing.

But how well do you really know Strictly Come Dancing? Do you know your jive from your samba and your foxtrot from your quickstep? Are you a true fan who can name the most famous pairings and reel off the latest winners? Have a go at this fun quiz from WhichBingo to see if you really are a Strictly know-all. Let me know how you get on!


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