How to teach children about ecology

Ecology may seem like a very dry subject, but it is important to teach kids everything that they need to know from a young age. Making them ecologically conscious will pay major dividends later in life. Sometimes environmentally friendly lifestyle may seem like an expense you would rather avoid, but you can easily make the switch when you save on your monthly shopping thanks to Kohls coupons from Discountrue which will make your overall budget bigger to begin with! It’s important that you make your children aware of the environmental issues and teach them how to help Mother Nature. Read on to find out how to do that – these activities are just small steps that can be taken towards complete ecological consciousness!

  • Water Conservation

Water conservation is a tough topic to teach children about, since so many of them are aware that 70 percent of the Earth is covered in water. If there’s so much water, how could we ever run out? By showing your children the monthly water bill and teaching them where cutbacks can be made, they are able to see exactly how their habits affect your household. You can also provide some incentives for your child, so that they actually want to help conserve water.

  • The Energy Monster

Children tend to consume great amounts of energy. It often seems like little ones have purchased a stake in the local electric company, as they will leave lights on for hours at a time, keep electronic equipment turned on when it is not in use and have fans running when they are not in the room. Playing the “energy monster” game gives parents a chance to assign points for these behaviors and at the end of the month, a prize can be offered to the child who is the most energy conscious.

  • Make Philosophies into Daily Habits

When you want to establish the proper ecological philosophies in children from a young age, the process starts on the home front. Teach your kids about the importance of avoiding wasteful habits, such as buying new school stationery when the old stationery works just fine. Show them the benefits of collecting food waste and using it as garden fertilizer. Give them an opportunity to have their broken toys fixed before throwing them away.

  • Ecological Arts and Crafts

There are numerous arts and crafts projects that can help teach kids about ecology. You can make house slippers out of old cardboard boxes, or paint old glass bottles and turn them into vases. Another idea involves cereal boxes and plastic bags that can be turned into funny looking animals. These projects allow you to have fun with your children, while also showing them how to be ecologically sound!

  • Take a Trip

children and ecology

Ecology lessons do not have to take place exclusively at your home. Make an effort to take your kids to places where they can learn more about the environment. A trip to a reservoir shows them the process that our water must go through before we are able to drink it. Or, you can send your children to a ecologically themed summer camp. This gives them a chance to spend time in the environment, while being taught additional lessons about how to preserve the world around them!

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