How to be a good bridesmaid

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Want to be the best bridesmaid ever? House of Fraser is here to show you the ropes — read on to discover top tips and essential advice.

DO attend everything

Think being a bridesmaid is all about the pretty dress? Think again! By agreeing to be her bridesmaid, you’re letting yourself into months — maybe even years — of wedding planning, so you better be committed. Letting her down is not an option, so if you can’t give it your all, you should think twice about accepting in the first place.

DON’T moan about the  bridesmaid dress

Speaking of bridesmaid dresses, you should remember that it’s not your wedding. Yes, you have to wear it, but you don’t necessarily have to like it. If the bride loves it, bite your tongue to keep drama to a minimum. When criticism isn’t constructive, you should keep it to yourself.

DO save up

If you’ve been a part of any wedding before, you’ll already know just how expensive it can be. As a bridesmaid, you’ll have a chaotic social calendar and, depending on your bride’s budget, you may have to pay for your dress, shoes, makeup and hair. Start putting cash aside straight away — you’ll thank us in the long run.

DON’T be a loner

You may not know all of the bridesmaids — they can come from all walks of life, be it family, friends or work colleagues. To get the most out of the experience, you should try to get to know the other girls. You never know, you may even make some lasting friendships.

DO what she likes

Think ‘bridesmaid’ and you automatically think hen party! You’ll play an important role in giving her a send off into married life to remember, so make sure you choose something that she will enjoy. Use common sense or, if in doubt, play it safe — after all, does she really want a stripper?

DON’T forget the essentials

The morning of the wedding is usually chaotic, so it’s in your hands to ensure you have all of the essentials. Pack your handbag with all of those go-to wedding items, like confetti and tissues, and don’t forget about those just-in-case items, like safety pins, hair clips and eyelash glue. You might not need them, but it’s always good to be prepared, especially on such a special day.

DO minimise drama

Drama and bridesmaids go hand-in-hand. From disputes over the hen do to ‘she-looks-better-than-me’ jealousy; things can get pretty tense in the bridal camp. So, to keep the peace, you should try to keep drama to a minimum. If a situation is getting quite heated, remind the others of why you’re there — for the bride and groom — and of course stay out of the arguments yourself!

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