Helping your child to find their perfect career

People often ask my children what they want to be when they grow up. Gemma has wanted to be a teacher for several years now, and it is something I can see her going on and achieving – she has the right sort of personality and I can visualise her in a classroom setting. If you ask Jacob what he wants to do, he will tell you he wants to be a famous footballer – if that doesn’t work out he has a back up plan to join the police. Again, I can see him as a policeman. At the moment, Max wants to be a digger driver – purely because that’s what he can see from the window of our new build house every day! 

Of course, they might all change their minds as they get older, discover which subjects they enjoy studying, get some work experience and learn more about themselves. No matter what they choose to do, I have always taught them to follow their dreams, and not be talked out of them or give up – having a career you love is so important.

future careers for kids

Infographic from DeluxeMaid maid service Indianapolis. This is a collaborative post.


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