The ultimate Harry Potter themed kids party

Harry Potter Party

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Though the Harry Potter movie saga has reached a conclusion, the magic of the books and films will stay with your littles ones throughout their lives as they grow up. Why not capitalise on that love for all things wizardly by throwing a spellbinding soiree for their next birthday?

Hosting the perfect Harry Potter-themed kids party doesn’t have to break the bank – all you need is a little research, a lot of preparation and a whole load of elbow grease. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling on your very own Potter-mania party.

Enchanting invites

Start as you mean to go on by setting the tone weeks in advance. Dressing up invites to the event as letters of acceptance from Hogwarts is sure to get everyone excited and will have the entire classroom abuzz with anticipation for the big day.

This handy DIY tutorial demonstrates how to craft your own authentic invitations with minimum fuss, ensuring your child’s special occasion becomes the talk of the town well before the event itself.

A wizard’s welcome

First impressions are important, right? You can wow the socks off your wizardly party guests by disguising your front door as the entrance to the Hogwarts Express! Though it might sound like a lot of effort, all you really need to go do is get hold of some brickwork wallpaper, cut it down the middle and hang it over the threshold.

A blown-up picture of the famous 9 ¾ sign attached above your doorway completes a magical entrance that is sure to excite your guests.

Potter party games

Pin the tail on the donkey is a tried and tested favourite when it comes to children’s party games. A slight modification can easily twist it to a Potter theme – try “Pin the glasses on Harry” or “Pin the sock on Dobby” to keep your budding wizards bewitched.

You can also set up a Quidditch pitch in your back garden (complete with Bludgers, Quaffles and the Golden Snitch) or introduce a slightly spookier theme with a DIY Dementor piñata. Expecto patchocolatrum!

Don’t forget the Dark Arts and bobbleheads

Brooding teens needn’t be left out of the magic, and though they are always looking for any excuse to throw a strop at parties, you can appeal to their gloomy side by introducing a healthy dose of the Dark Arts to the festivities.

Take inspiration from the Dark Arts Tour at Warner Brothers Studios (or better yet, visit yourself!) by disguising Dementors in shadowy corners (like the one mentioned above) and arranging Dark Arts’ duels between guests.

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Food, fabulous food

You don’t want your guests to go home on an empty stomach now, do you? Any number of treats from the wizarding world can be recreated in your home with a little bit of imagination. Get hold of some frog moulds and pour melted chocolate in them to create chocolate frogs, or there are a variety of different ways to create the iconic Butterbeer from Diagon Alley.

You can also send home the little ones with a fantastic goody bag chock full of all sorts of treats and sweets, guaranteed to make sure they don’t forget about this particular party any time soon.


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