Disneyland Paris: Top tips for parents

Disneyland Paris

We visited Disneyland Paris park a couple of years ago, and I have to say, it was the best holiday we have ever been on.

We only had 2 children then, Gemma was about 5 and Jacob almost 3. We spent 5 days exploring the parks – Disneyland Park, with all the characters and the rides and the parades, and Walt Disney Studios, with the studio tram tour (WELL worth a go), and the animations and more rides. 

Disneyland Paris

Because we went when the children were so small, there were certain rides and attractions that they couldn’t go on, but despite that, there was SO much on offer. We could have easily spent twice the amount of time there, and still not been bored.

Top tips for Disneyland Paris with small children:

  • Upgrade to the half board meal options. This includes breakfast at your Disney hotel, where there is plenty to choose from – cereals, toast, fruit, rolls, cheese and meats, croissants. You can then also take advantage of an evening meal at the hotel or at one of the many half board restaurants in the park. It is one less thing to worry about, great value, and there is huge variety.
  • Consider hiring a pushchair for younger children. There is a lot of walking around and between the parks. Little ones get tired, and need a rest. Instead of taking your own pushchair on the plane, you can hire one at Disneyland. They are big and roomy, all terrain and easy to steer and you don’t have to worry about yours being stolen when you are on rides.
  • Use the shuttle. There is a very regular shuttle bus from each Disney hotel into the park, which runs all day long. If you are staying at one of the further out hotels, it’s quite a trek to the park, so jump on the free shuttle instead.
  • Make use of the Fast Pass and Baby Switch services. Fast Pass allows you to take a ticket from the machine by the more popular rides. This ticket will have a time on it – you return to the ride at the allocated time and can jump straight to the front of the queue. Baby Switch works well for the bigger rides – parents can queue up just once, each adult can have a go on the ride while the other holds the baby – you then switch without having to queue again.
  • Where possible, take your own snacks and drinks. They are expensive to buy in the park, although there are plenty of drinks fountains dotted around. 
  • Make sure you carry a pen and an autograph book. Your child will want to collect all the characters autographs and have their photos taken with them. Make sure your camera is to hand too!
  • Let your child stay up late one night to enjoy the fireworks. I am a stickler for routine, and tried to get my 2 into bed at a reasonable time most nights we were there, but the fireworks are magical, and something you really don’t want to miss while you are there. Set one night aside for the display, and enjoy! It’s incredible.

Since visiting Disneyland Paris, we have had 2 more little ones, and we know we want to visit again when they are a bit older. Disney World Florida is also in the back of our minds, it is somewhere we would absolutely love to visit one day. 

Disneyland Paris

Did you know there are 6 Disney Parks now? 

I didn’t.

I knew about the 2 most well known – the one in Florida, and the one in Paris, but there are another 4 across the world. Take a look here to see which Disney Park is right for you. There are some great Disneyland offers to be had, so if you are planning a trip, take a look at My Voucher Codes before you book. 


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