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It’s coming up to the time of year where parents of pre schoolers start to think about which primary school to apply for. Which would be the best for their little one, which has the right balance of classroom study and outdoor play, which has the right religious or cultural background?

Sometimes it is so difficult to know where to start – even finding out which schools are in your area can be a headache. School Reviewer offers a solution for parents looking for more detailed information. You can pop in your postcode and bring up a list of pre-schools, primary schools or secondary schools in your area, then click to find out more information about them – read OFSTED reports, see the catchment area, academic results and reviews from other parents. 

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There are contact details listed too, so you can get in touch and arrange to go and see the school for yourself, to get a real feel for the place. 

I remember when Gemma and then Jacob started school for the first time. I was so happy with the choice we had made for their school placement – it was within walking distance, it had a great OFSTED report, and the staff and other children there were friendly and approachable. The kids have flourished, and we love the school.

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Now that we have moved house and are not in the same catchment area, the search has started all over again for Max, as he starts school next September. School Reviewer has come in so handy – I have been able to see which schools we are near, even though we live in a new development and our postcode often isn’t recognised on this sort of system! I can see details about them all, what sort of education they offer (including downloadable videos for GCSE math’s, SATS and 11+ papers), log onto the parents forum to see what the latest playground news is, and even buy uniform from the buy and sell section. 


If you have a child due to start school soon, I would definitely recommend checking out the site – it’s a quick and simple way to empower parents with the knowledge that they are doing all they can to ensure their child’s educational journey is as happy, fulfilling and as rewarding as they can possibly make it. 

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