Yoga misconceptions you should never believe


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Yoga is one of those practices that few people know much about. You will often hear various misconceptions. Believe it or not, the instructors actually hear them every single day. Yoga is now much more popular and well-known than it used to be but this does not mean that we are in a good place when referring to overall knowledge. Since the yoga lifestyle is all about discipline and information, you want to be sure that you never believe the myths. As a beginner they can easily lead towards making huge mistakes and many actually avoid trying yoga because of what others say. Only trust the professionals when you want to ask questions about yoga.

Misconception 1 – Yoga Is All Stretching

It is so often to see that bodybuilders say that yoga is easy and then end up sweating and having huge difficulties going through the very first class. Every single yoga student out there that has overconfidence will feel stunned after that first session.

Yoga is actually quite physical and challenging. Yoga misunderstanding and thinking that all the students do is stretching is far away from the truth. However, the misconception is quite understandable. We cannot incorporate this practice into just one fitness category. It is possible to go through complicated cardio sessions and strong power sessions, all based on the type of yoga that you decided to try. Based on what you want from your routine, you can adapt and reach the exact goals you have, like breath awareness, increased muscle strength and even increased mental clarity.

Misconception 2 – Yoga Is Just Exercising

Yoga is all about joining your spirit, mind and body. It is a complete union you manage with your environment by quieting mind chatter, making the body healthier and becoming truly at peace with exactly who you truly are. Guidelines exist to help you achieve the harmony we mentioned.

People tend to think that yoga is simply a way to work out because of how physically challenging it is to move from one posture to the next. You can interpret yoga classes as exercising but yoga on the whole is basically a way of life. It involves simple living and self-discipline. Breathing and meditation are both a huge part of yoga, just as the exercise part is.

Misconception 3 – Yogis Are Vegetarians

This is one of the funny misconceptions about yoga practitioners but it is way more often med than what you may think at first glance. The problem is that there is a yoga teaching that revolves around protecting animals and doing all that is necessary not to hurt them. You would naturally think that those practicing yoga become vegetarians because of this. However, consuming meat is not a problem and is never seen as such by yoga enthusiasts. Eating meat or being e vegetarian is all about personal choices. You can eat whatever you want as long as your nutrition plan is one that is healthy and that offers what the body needs.


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    That;s so true, every time after my workout, I feel so much better. It’s definitely something we need to work our more.

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