Halloween candy – think again!


It is the Halloween season again! The ghosts are back, the haunted houses are being constructed and the kids are planning their outfits. This time of the year means longer nights, shorter days and a whole lot of sweets, candy and chocolates.

But for those of you with fillings, dental implants and any other tooth problems, sweets and chocolates might not be the best idea.

Sweets to Avoid

We are not saying to eat only vegetables, cut all sweets out of your life and move on. Instead we are saying choose wisely when you are out for Halloween. Here are a variety of sweets to avoid at all costs:

1 Sour Skittles

Skittles especially the sour ones are really quite bad for your tooth enamel. With preservatives, E numbers and colouring in them, your teeth will be screaming out to be brushed even after just a handful of these.

2 Fun-Dips or Sherbet Dips

These lollies or licks are perfect for the little kids trick or treating but their sherbet filling doesn’t do anything for your health. Yes, Halloween is a time to indulge but each snack sized treat supplies 13 grams of sugar. This sugar is not only bad for your health, it can greatly damage your teeth as well.

3 Bubble Gum

Although researchers have said that chewing gum can help destress you, it is well known that dentists discourage their patients from chewing on chewing gum that is full of sugar. Flavoured sugar filled, bubble gums can not only mean you and your child are chewing on grams and grams of sugar all day, it can also mean you lose fillings, mess with your dental implants or worse.

For someone with many dental health issues, make sure that bubble gum is one of the last things on your list.

4 Chocolate Raisins

These treats are not just suited to Halloween but they can be used to fill pumpkins, act as droppings and millions of people love them. But do not be fooled, raisins might be fruit but the chocolate that covers them is not!

Combatting the Candy

If you have overindulged at Halloween and you physically could not fit anymore sweets in, then it might be time to start thinking about a detox. We suggest that the best thing you can do is to get all of your candies and chocolates out of the way. Don’t store them up to munch on throughout the year, make sure you have one big sweet binge and then settle down after that.

Once the period is over you might be feeling a little worse for wear, your teeth might be aching and you might not realise that you have done quite a bit of damage to your oral health. If your teeth feel as grim as the grim reaper, your mouth feels furrier than big foot and that tooth ache is anything but nice, you might need to get combatting the candy.

First things first, brush your teeth! It might sound simple but brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day means you are getting rid of any unwanted plaque, brushing away any sugars and maintaining a happy mouth.

Another thing for you and your kids to do whilst you munch down on all that sugar is to drink more water. When you drink water you are washing out any sugary saliva that could affect your teeth. If in doubt, wash it out!

Above everything else, the best way to combat the Halloween tooth ache is to make an appointment with the dentist! Not only can they advise you on the best way to combat the candy, they can also give your teeth and gums a clean. Contact London City Smiles and book your appointment today, what better way to start November than with great teeth!

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