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2016 has been a massive year for Instagram, with 2017 set to see Instagram’s continued rise in popularity. Instagram can be used for multiple uses and is extremely versatile, yet simple to use. And this could explain its recent explosion in popularity over the past year, so here we take a look at just a few of Instagram’s benefits…

Treasured Memories

Now, many of us take for granted our hoards of digital photos, that allow us to look back at special times or events in our life, and because of the rise of social media and applications such as Instagram, capturing key life moments hasn’t been easier. But it hasn’t always been like this, if you’ve tried to find photos of elder friends and relatives it’s often tricky, as these pictures have more than likely been damaged or lost over time.

Instagram offers an immediate way to upload and share all of you photographs, providing an online photo album of your life, that can easily be shared at a touch of a button. Enabling you to scroll through years of memories within seconds. To share far and wide, you can use a growth service to grow your audience with real followers, through real engagement – just search for JARVEE info.

We all know too well how quickly life can pass us by, especially with many people having busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules. So it’s important to take pictures of special moments so that we can look back and reflect in years to come whether it’s baby photos and family events, to special birthdays or even just that memorable day down the beach – It’s amazing how quickly these occasions are forgotten.

This is where Instagram has a special use, you can even use it on your phone, or tablet to show others the things they may have had to miss out on, be it due to work commitments, ill health or a number of reasons beyond their control. It enables you to bring these special moments to them, and your Instagram followers, and to make them feel part of the action, even if it’s only in some small way.

Christmas & Instagram

Pictures can capture so many things and are a fantastic reminder of special moments and occasions, photos can be an extremely important value to those far from family or missing loved ones – Especially this time of year.

So Christmas and Instagram make the perfect team and what better way is there to capture this special time of year? You can use Instagram to upload you pictures to share your Christmas experience. Ideal for those away from family and friends, helping to feel to closer to loved ones… Even if you’re on opposite sides of the world!

Instagram Gifts

Another use Instagram provides is a great gift idea. Suitable for anytime of the year, although a great Christmas gift choice as it can fit a range of budgets.

You can add your (or the recipients) favourite picture to a whole range of items. These can be used with a variety of gifts from mugs and phone covers, to coasters and fridge magnets – As well as edible treats, such as Chocolates and Marshmallows, thanks to Boomf!

And of course, a simple and convenient way to send photos to your love ones – And it’s quick too! So if you’re looking for a gift that is easy, simple to create but is packed full of sentimental value, this is a great way to go. All you need to do is pick your favourite picture, be it the ever popular ‘selfie’, family pet or favourite spot… Upload it, pick your choice of frame or delivery method and your done! Photobox is great for this and provides a range of wall art options.

Instagram in Business

Instagram can not only be used for personal use, storing and sharing photos with family and friends. But can also be utilised for a professional. Instagram is a great way for raising businesses social media profiles and in turn helping to increase customer bases.

Many business have Instagram accounts and is used by everyone from freelancers and independent business to large, multi national companies.

Instagram for business not only improves your profile but also gives your client base an insight into your business and current promotions. And if utilised to its full potential, Instagram can be a lucrative advertising technique. As a recent study shows that using Instagram can deliver up to  25% more engagement with users, when compared to other social media platforms.

This also makes it perfect for ecommerce based business and can help your customer feel like part of the brand. If you are unfamilar or unsure how to improve your Instagram account take a look at as they can help build up Instagram followers and increase Instagram likes. Key to raising social media presence, helping to widen your customer base.

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