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While it’s very important to choose the right plants for your garden so that it looks great all year round, you should also consider what type of outdoor planter you are choosing. This can have a huge impact on how your garden looks as well as the condition of your plants too!

Planters can add to the style of your garden and enhance the space beautifully, but with so many different styles and materials, how do you make a decision? offer some advice on choosing an outdoor planter for your garden, so that you can create the perfect outdoor space in time for summer.

Your first step

Before you decide on an outdoor planter, you need to think about which plants you want to grow, as this can have an effect on the type of container. For instance, some plants may grow quickly and need a large planter for their roots. Likewise, some plants will need more sunlight than others, and this can all be affected by the planter you choose!

You will also need to consider what planter can withstand the weather! If you’re planning on leaving your plants outside all year round, your planter must be able to survive the climate. Unfortunately, here in the UK we don’t always have warm, dry weather and you should consider this when shopping for an outdoor planter.

Choosing the right material

With so many different outdoor planters out there, it can be difficult to know what is the right design for your garden! Each material can provide a unique style. Clay outdoor planters are one of the most popular styles. Both clay and terracotta planters have an incredibly attractive appearance and can even give your garden a Mediterranean look.

What you might not know, is clay planters are also very porous and allow air flow for the roots of your plants! However, you should be aware that clay can crack or shatter very easily if it’s knocked over or left out in harsh, cold conditions.

Another popular material for your outdoor planters is wood. Wooden planters have a very natural style which suits any garden. They can also provide insulation for your plant roots through the winter! Choosing a wooden planter that is made with thicker, rot-resistant wood can prevent weather damage to both the planter itself and your plants.

What else should you consider?

Choosing an outdoor planter can be very important decision and you may want to consider your personal style too, and perhaps even what will match your existing home décor. You should also take the time to look at what space you have available; you don’t want to buy a huge planter and realise you don’t have room for more! It should be an appropriate size to let your plants grow too.

Make sure there are plenty of drainage holes in your outdoor planter, and raise them slightly off the ground to make sure they can drain properly!

So, next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect outdoor planter, remember these top tips!

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