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Sun-Pat Fuelling Families

Ah the summer holidays. We always start well, with loads of trips and activities planned, but by the tail end of the summer we are often struggling for ideas, and trying to think of more ways to keep the kids active and engaged, and off the computers!

Thankfully, Sun-Pat are on hand with an action packed activity guide, including tips and tricks to keep everyone (even the adults) active over the summer. Research has actually shown that 85% of kids wish they spent more time outside over the holidays – that’s a much higher figure than I would have expected! It just goes to show that kids really do enjoy getting out in the fresh air. 

Sun-Pat Peanut Butter is a perfect natural source of protein and fibre and helps maintain energy levels, so the guide also includes recipes for simple and delicious snacks to fuel the whole family. You can also win 1 of 10 sports kits every day of the summer holidays – just visit the Fuelling Families page for more information on how to enter. Each kit contains a cricket set, a football and a skipping rope – perfect for the garden or the park.

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families

So what are the best ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Here are our top tips, which don’t cost a penny:

  1. Find your local National Trust garden or outdoor area. They usually have fantastic outdoor spaces, hills to roll down, mazes to explore and often playgrounds too. We have a property called Knightshayes near us, which has a natural playground developed from fallen trees and natural products – ideal for climbing and exploring. 
  2. Create a nature trail. This could be in the garden, in the park or even just around the estate where you live. Make up cards with things the kids have to find – they could be specific items such as pine cones and buttercups, or you could ask them to find 5 red things, and 5 blue things. 
  3. Go rock pooling. This was one of my favourite activities as a child, and my own kids love it too. Head to the coast armed with a net and a bucket, and see what you can find. 
  4. Chalk drawing. Arm the kids with jumbo chalks and draw giant pictures on the patio or pavement. They can play hopscotch, or lie down and get someone to draw around them. 
  5. Jump in muddy puddles. Rain doesn’t have to stop play – pull on wellie boots and raincoats and get splashing. 
  6. Feed the ducks. Go for a wander to your local river or pond, and take some bread or bird seed for the ducks. The simple pleasures are often the best!
  7. Sprinkler fun. On hot days, get the kids into their swimming kit and put the sprinkler on. My kids can spend ages jumping in and out of the spray!
  8. Try geocaching. This is a really family friendly activity that everyone can get involved in. Download the Geocaching UK app and see what treasures are hidden near you!
  9. Make a den. Kids love making dens – they can use garden chairs, old towels or blankets and clothes pegs to make a hideaway. It’s a perfect place to have a picnic too.
  10. Round up some friends for a sports day in the park. Take everyone’s favourite sports items and set up some races – sack races, egg and spoon, a skipping race, running and hula hooping for example. Take a picnic, a football, a cricket bat and one of these amazing bags from tennishq, and you are set for the whole day!

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families Sun-Pat Fuelling Families


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  1. August 9, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    My eldest son almost became addicted to peanut butter, when he was young, he was a very fussy eater and peanut butter was something he would eat, unfortunately I think he ate too much of it as he became a little hyper active and I had to stop him having it so often

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