How a child’s relationship with their toys matters


Toys, often considered just playthings, are more than that to the children that grow up loving them. Most adults can remember their favourite toy fondly, and some even still have their favourite toys at home, holding a very real sentimental place in their life.

And there’s a good reason for that. The relationship children have with their toys does more for them than just provide entertainment.

In fact, play time is one of the most important parts of a child’s development because it can encourage a number of different types of growth, such as the following.

Provides Security

For many children, having a specific toy provides them with some type of security. Often, this type of toy is a plush toy that they can hug or sleep with when they are feeling scared.

Toys are something reliable that children can recognise and come back to even when other things in their lives are changing. This type of stability is important for children, so keeping the toys they are emotionally attached to around can be important for their growth and development.

Encourages Creativity

Many toys that your child plays with will teach them how to be more creative. Many toys are simple in nature, and your child must become creative to continually find enjoyment while playing with them.

Other toys, such as the figures in The World of Miss Mindy Disney collection, stimulate your child’s brain. These toys take an easily recognisable character, such as Snow White, Belle or Tinker Bell, and add a unique interpretation of those iconic characters that your child can admire and explore. This type of activity encourages creativity.

Enriches Brain Growth

Toys, particularly those that have puzzle aspects, are very important to help your child’s brain develop. When at play, children are actually engaging their brain very intimately with their toys.

When children find new ways to use the toys and figures they have been using for ages, they are teaching their brain how to make new connections. This type of playtime is very important for neural development, and it can help your children be able to learn more efficiently and creatively later in life as well.

Inspires Imagination

Some toys such as do-it-yourself projects will show your child how to be more imaginative. It can be difficult for some adults to imagine how a few toilet paper roll can become a kaleidoscope, but children are more open and ready to give it a try.

Imagination is a very important part of being a child. It teaches kids how to hope, dream, and reach for something bigger than themselves. Having something as simple as the right toys to inspire imagination can help to expand the way that kids think about the world.

Anyone who has spent time with kids will know that they often talk about things that do not exist while they play with the toy. They pretend that their teddy bears are police officers hunting down criminals. Encouraging this type of play can help your child to remain open and imaginative throughout their life.


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