How reviews can help you shop smart for your family


I know I have mentioned this before, but reviews are so valuable when you are choosing items for your family – and especially when it comes to baby purchases. In fact, this was how #TriedTested came about – Colette and I wanted a place where people could go to see a range of reviews from all sorts of families in one place. 

When it comes to choosing and purchasing baby items, reviews really come into their own. Some of the purchases will be big ones, and you will be parting with some serious cash – items such as pushchairs, car seats and cots don’t come cheap. For this reason, you want to make sure you buy right the first time. For example, did you know that some car seats withstand crashes better than others? Or that there’s a large counterfeit market for certain brands of slings and carriers? It can be easy to get duped when you’re hunting for a deal. Which? has reviews of thousands of products (including hundreds of baby products) and gives you the lowdown on the essential baby safety equipment – plus free guides on everything from how to fit a car seat to the holy grail of parenting – how to get your baby to sleep! I also found a recent article about infant pain relief really helpful – we have all been suffering from colds and coughs, and have gone through our fair share of Calpol this winter. It was really interesting to read up about the difference between Calpol and supermarket own brands, as well as some information about the ingredients, and which thermometer would work best for us. 

As your baby grows, there are more purchases to consider – bigger car seats, highchairs, toys and more. It doesn’t ever really stop – our eldest has just started high school (eeek) and so we have been using the site to search for the best deals on laptops, mobiles and headphones. 

For access to all this information and more, you can sign up for a Which? membership and receive a £5 gift card to use at Amazon, M&S, Starbucks, Argos or John Lewis. Your first month will cost you a £1 trial fee, and after that membership will automatically continue at £10.75 – although you can cancel at any time. 

For a taste of what Which? can offer parents, check out their free guide on buying the right baby products here


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