Our autumn/winter bucket list


Can you believe it’s September already? The kids are back to school and the weather has turned distinctly autumny! We’ve started a bit of a list of all the things we want to achieve over the next few months, and I thought blogging it would be a bit of a motivator to get them done!

  • Get the Christmas shopping under wraps. I have started a list of ideas for all the kids, and have actually managed to order Max’s main present after a trip to Asda last week. Max was SO taken with something in there we had trouble dragging him away, so I ordered that as soon as we left the shop!
  • Jump in autumn leaves. We LOVE doing this, it’s something of a tradition now! Last year Eliza was a bit small to jump with us, so this year I am looking forward to her joining in!
  • Visit the beach. The beach in winter is one of my favourite places. It’s so quiet and peaceful, and there is so much to do and explore. The kids love rock pooling, climbing the rocks and running in and out of the sea in their wellies. I got soaked doing this last year, so I’ve got my eyes on some Apate Mid boots from Engelbert Strauss to keep me dry this winter – those boots are windproof, waterproof and breathable, and come from a company that specialises in durable outdoor clothing, so they would be perfect!
  • Get stuck in at uni. September always means change, and for me it’s been a massive on this year. I am now officially a student midwife, and starting my journey to a new career. I really want to make the most of this amazing opportunity I have, and get stuck into uni. I’d love to come out with a First Class Honours degree, but that might be asking for too much!
  • Decorate the house. We moved into our new build house almost 2 years ago now, and the standard magnolia just isn’t doing it for me! We have chosen some paint and wallpaper, ordered some blinds and bought some new bedding and soft furnishings. When we have a few days without much planned, I want to really get cracking, and finish all the DIY we have planned. 
  • Watch some football matches. Football has always been Kevin’s domain, but now both Gemma and Jacob are playing for the local team I’d love to go along and support them for a couple of matches. 
  • See the fireworks. We didn’t go and watch the fireworks last year as Eliza was still so tiny, but I would love to get them all wrapped up warm and take them to see the big bonfire and local firework display. 
  • Lose half a stone. A bit of a personal one rather than a family one! I started Slimming World a little while ago and have done fairly well, but have been a bit slack lately. I would love to get rid of that final half a stone!
  • Grown up time. Something we ALWAYS fail to achieve! I would love to try and organise something for just Kevin and I, even just a trip to the cinema to watch something that isn’t Disney related!



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