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Snapchat is set to release new filters that would be able to recognise different scenes, pets and even objects in your photos. This will become possible thanks to the assistance of the Snapchat object recognition that can suggest relevant borders or stickers according to your photos. The main aim of these filters being rolled out is for Snapchat to compete against its main competitor, Instagram. Interestingly, this new update is being released prior to Snapchat’s revamp of its app. This revamp comes as an effort from the company to make the app more attractive to its users.

In fact, the new filters from Snapchat have already began rolling out since a couple of weeks, and this has been confirmed by an official from Snapchat. The main feature of the object recognition is to analyse the background of a specific scenery, object, pet or thing to provide the appropriate information in terms of filters. When it comes to the new filters of Snapchat, if you are taking a picture of a pet like a dog, it will give you the option to pick filters like “It’s a pawty!”. And if you are a pet lover, Lucky Pants Bingo is one leading online bingo site that might be of your interest. Here you can play countless entertaining animals and nature themed online slots with great graphics and top features.

The new Snapchat filters can be applicable on various categories such as food, sports, beaches, concerts, and pets, to name a few. Snapchat has yet to provide all the categories that it wishes to roll out, so most users of the app will have to figure the filters out by themselves as they take their photos. These new filters do not just work on images captured through the Snapchat app, but it can also be used on photos that have been captured from Google Images, according to the report.

To find the filters, you must simply swipe the Snapchat’s carousel to the right or left. There were already quite a few object recognitions on Snapchat previously. These previous filters were mostly helpful for users who wanted to search for specific events or objects in the Snapchat Stories via the search bar. Snapchat is not the first social app to use object recognition. Previously, companies like Google have used object recognition with the Google Lens. The AI of Pixel was used by Google for the Lens to scan the different environment. It was then possible to access the carousel and this allowed the user to pick relevant actions or information. As object recognition and augmented reality are quickly becoming a standard in products, many companies will most probably look forward to make the most of this technology.

Back in 2015, Snapchat filed for its first patent for an advertising system that provided relevant filters through object recognition. It is hinted that Snapchat could be looking to make this new feature a profitable one. It is rumoured that brands will soon have the option of pay to have specific sponsor filters.


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