How to enhance the exterior of your home


People spend hours ensuring their homes interiors are perfect. With the right colour schemes, a welcoming atmosphere and plenty or organisation and storage. But what about the exterior of your home? The exterior of your home is just as important as the interiors in many ways, such as creating a good first impression of your home, providing you with an area you can enjoy throughout the warmer weather, and of course, adding value to the overall cost of your property. If your homes exterior is lacking some TLC, there’s no time like the present to give it the attention it deserves!

Re-Rendering the Walls

If your home currently looks dull and dark from the outside, it’s probably because it needs to be re-rendered. Homes with rendering require frequent maintenance, whether that’s small touch ups every so often, or a full re-render every few years. Just like the interior of your home, the walls can fade due to light exposure, and weather conditions. By re-rendering your home, you can instantly bring the life back and create a property that stands out and looks the part.

Check the Roof

Through the winter, you’ll often notice the odd tile or slab slipping from roof’s, which is a huge pain if left. Your roof needs to be in tact to ensure your insulation works properly within your home, not to mention the fact that your home will look unfinished and shabby if you have tiles missing from the roof. Grab your extension ladder and take a good look at your roofs current condition. If you feel it requires a little touch up then make that your next project. As soon as your roof is looking pristine, the rest of the exterior will start to follow.

Clean Windows

The state of your windows makes just as much of an impact to the inside of your home, as they do to the outside, so giving them a good wash is really beneficial. Not only will cleaning your windows allow plenty of natural light to filter through your home, it will also add a shiny, clean touch to the outside of your home. This doesn’t have to be done too often, as it can be a difficult task to carry out. Dependant on the weather conditions, try to give your windows a good wash every 2 months or so, as this will ensure the area is clean and sparkly and your home will look fresh and welcoming.

Pretty Plants

Introducing some fresh, bright flowers to the exterior of your home will instantly lift the atmosphere and create a warm and welcoming feel. Plants and flowers are the perfect touch to add character to your home, without having to make any drastic changes and they really do have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Remember to keep on top of caring for your plants, however, as there’s nothing more off-putting than a selection of flowers that have started to look limp and lifeless!


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