Saving time with Beko

You may remember that we recently reviewed a new Beko washing machine featuring the 28 minute Daily Quick Wash. While we were a little sceptical at first, we actually found that this quick was was comparable to the standard length wash cycle on other machines, and left clothes just as clean and fresh. If I was being really picky, I would say that the shorter spin time left things slightly damper than usual, but not enough for me to worry about, and not so much that they took a lot longer to dry. 

Beko says that if you use the 28 minute cycle for your regular wash you could save 10 days of time per year (compared with a standard wash cycle). 10 days! That’s a whole heap of time to save every year, and with 4 children and a full time degree course to worry about, we need to snatch back time wherever we can. 

It got me wondering what sort of things we could do with 10 extra days. 

Family days out

We love a family day out, whether that is exploring somewhere new or re-visiting an old favourite. On our wish list this year are Legoland and Peppa Pig World. We also have a holiday to Center Parcs booked at Easter, and plan to spend a lot of time visiting local attractions near to us too – Crealy Adventure Park, the beach and Haldon Forest

Rainy Day plans

We always have a few rainy day activities up our sleeves. If we can get out of the house, we try and get the kids down to soft play for a couple of hours, just to burn off some energy, or we go puddle jumping. They also love to draw, paint and bake. Making cakes and biscuits gives us all the chance to work together as a family, and then snuggle up on the sofa afterwards to taste test the product!

Keeping active

I love to run, and cycle, but finding the time and energy after a busy week can be hard! If I had that little bit of extra time, I would make more of an effort to get out and get active. My aim this year is to run at least once a week, and get out on the bikes with the children at least twice a month. There is nothing better than fresh air after a run of night shifts, and it definitely gets your head back in the game!

If you managed to find a few extra days a year, how would you make the most of them?




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