Family Easter hunt ideas

Easter eggs in a basket

Now that New Year and Valentine’s Day is out of the way, it’s time to start preparing for the Easter Holidays. If you have been thinking about ways to make spending time with family on these holidays memorable, then you’re in luck. Even if you’re thinking about going traditional, there are also ways you could modernise your treasure hunts.

Easter games have become so popular over the years, and every year we look for new ways to make hunts and games more exciting. One way to make your gameplay more thrilling is hopping (excuse the pun) over to Just Cash Bingo. Visit Just Cash Bingo and enjoy the array of bingo rooms that you will surely enjoy as they offer stunning bingo prizes! These bingo rooms may inspire some ideas that you could use to fully amp your family Easter hunts. Let’s take a look at some:

Skip the sweets

Do little printables that have instructions like: dinner date with mum, make cookies or you get to stay up an extra hour. Insert them into little plastic eggs and hide them around the house and let them start hunting for their prizes. Typical chocolate eggs are out of the picture!

Truth or Dare EGG-stravaganza!

Fill your plastic eggs with slips of paper that have questions of truths or dares written on them. The truth has to be told and the dare has to be completed. If not, you don’t get to continue participating in the game.

Golden Ticket Easter Hunt

When you hear golden ticket, you automatically think of Willy Wonka right? Have a Willy Wonka themed Easter hunt! Have a golden ticket in each egg, for each of the participants of the game. Once they have found their golden ticket, they will be allowed to trade it for a bigger prize. 

Easter Egg Relay Race

Split everyone into equal teams. When the leader shouts go, the first person from each team should go search for an Easter egg. Once they’ve found an egg, they should come back and tag the next person in their team to go find another egg. This continues until one of the teams has found the total number of eggs that you set.

Easter Bunny Footprints

What better way is there to start an Easter hunt without it being led by the Easter Bunny itself? Excite your family members by creating bunny tracks that will lead them to the hunting ground. This starts off Easter morning with loads of excitement.

Glow in the Dark Eggs

Glow in the dark eggs are a popular form of Easter Eggs. These can be found everywhere. If everyone’s not tired of the fun and games during the day, why not organise something at night? Write out instructions or prizes and put them in your eggs before placing them out in the garden. Call out “Go” and watch everyone continuously bump into each other while you enjoy the night breeze!


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